VIDEO | Phina Ft. Jux - RARA | Mp4 Download

VIDEO | Phina Ft. Jux - RARA | Mp4 Download

 Saraphina Michael, also known as Saraphina or Phina, a Tanzanian Bongo Fleva diva and 2018 Bongo Star hunt winner, recently dropped a brand-new video for the breathtaking banger Rara.


Melanin queen has released a new song of music since signing with Ziiki Media, and "RARA" is the second track from her Triple Release. It's great to see artists collaborating across borders and creating beautiful music together. I hope the song receives a positive response from listeners and fans, and I wish the Melanin queen and JUX all the best with their future musical endeavors.

Moreover, Phina, a Tanzanian artist, has a new video single called "Rara" with Jux, another artist. The song has a great pace and an engaging chorus. It is a melodious, uplifting track. Phina and Jux use their song to express their desire to date a female they find beautiful.

The two singers alternate verses throughout the song, complimenting each other's flows and raising the volume. The song is currently available on all widely used streaming services.

Watch “Phina Ft. Jux - RARA” below;

VIDEO | Phina Ft. Jux - RARA | Mp4 Download


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