VIDEO | Makomando Ft. Chino Kidd - Mtego Huo | Mp4 Download

VIDEO | Makomando Ft. Chino Kidd - Mtego | Mp4 Download

 Title: Makomando's Vibrant Take on Bongo Flava: "Mtego Huo"

In the ever-vibrant Tanzanian music scene, the duo Makomando (comprising of Muki Mingo and Fred Wayne) has been a consistent standout. Known for their energetic performances and unique blend of Bongo Flava, they have again created waves with their latest release, "Mtego Huo," which features rising talent, Chino Kidd. The song, an ingenious production of Franken Attack and Beni Beats Zombie, is released under the dynamic banner of Too Much Power.

"Mtego Huo" – A Visual and Auditory Extravaganza

"Mtego Huo" is an amalgamation of the heart-thumping rhythms that Makomando is renowned for, enriched with Chino Kidd's stylish flair. The result is a catchy and rhythmically pleasing track that stays true to the roots of Bongo Flava while presenting a modern, energetic twist. Franken Attack and Beni Beats Zombie, the maestros behind the production, have brought their distinct touches to the song, resulting in a harmonious blend of traditional beats and futuristic synth.

Visual Narrative

The music video for "Mtego Huo" is a testament to Makomando's commitment to pushing boundaries. It's an audacious celebration of Tanzanian culture, combined with contemporary elements, creating a compelling visual narrative.

Shot in various stunning locales, the video opens with a panoramic view of a bustling Tanzanian cityscape. From the energetic city streets to the serene coastal landscapes, the video showcases the pulsating vibrancy of Tanzania, mirroring the dynamic rhythm of the song. 


Muki Mingo and Fred Wayne deliver electrifying performances. Their on-screen chemistry is palpable as they bring their unique brand of charisma and style to the video. They embody the passion and energy of the song, propelling it forward with their compelling performances.

Chino Kidd makes a memorable appearance, his charisma shining through as he complements Makomando's energy with his smooth vocal style and engaging stage presence. The synergy between the trio is evident, creating a captivating dynamic that adds to the song's appeal.


On the production front, Franken Attack and Beni Beats Zombie have outdone themselves. They've carefully intertwined the rich Tanzanian beats with contemporary electronic sounds, crafting a catchy melody that carries the song. The beats are foot-tapping, complementing the tempo of the lyrics and contributing to the overall allure of the song.

Record Label

Too Much Power, the record label behind "Mtego Huo," continues its mission of promoting top-tier African talent with this release. Their vision of creating a platform for artists to express their creativity is evident in the production quality of "Mtego Huo". They've showcased Makomando's talent, providing a perfect springboard for the duo to express their creativity and passion.

"Mtego Huo" is a testament to the ever-evolving Bongo Flava scene in Tanzania. With Makomando's spirited performance, Chino Kidd's impactful feature, and the outstanding production by Franken Attack and Beni Beats Zombie, the song is a bright testament to the dynamic and diverse Tanzanian music scene.

The song not only solidifies Makomando's status in the industry but also gives a nod to the rising talent in Chino Kidd. As a vibrant and catchy addition to Makomando's discography, "Mtego Huo" carries forward their legacy while carving a path for the future of Bongo Flava.

All in all, "Mtego Huo" is a celebration of Tanzanian music, culture, and talent. It's a sonic and visual feast that is sure to make waves in the

 international music scene. It embodies the spirit of the vibrant Tanzanian culture and the evolution of its music, making it an absolute must-listen and must-watch.

VIDEO | Makomando Ft. Chino Kidd - Mtego Huo | Mp4 Download


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